Modern Wellness


About Bodha

Our collection of modern wellness products is designed to help you come back to yourself through the power of ritual and aromatherapy. 

Feeling a sense of connection is fundamental to living an authentic meaningful life. When you feel connected to yourself you live from an intuitive space that's calm, strong & creative.

Useful, thoughtful and beautiful our range will help you to calm, ground, purify and refresh.

About Emily

Founded by Emily L'Ami, Bodha is the expression of her lifelong fascination with ritual & aromatherapy.

Raised in New Zealand her passion for natural wellness was instilled early on through her parent's practice of yoga, meditation, macrobiotics and naturopathy.

Driven by a desire to help people reconnect with themselves she founded Bodha in 2013. Bringing together natural wellness, ceremony & intention she designs her dream collection of modern wellness products from her Los Angeles studio.